Here’s how Star Wars fans are celebrating May 4th

Here’s how Star Wars fans are celebrating May 4th

As May 4th approaches, we're getting ready to celebrate Star Wars Day here at Padawan Outpost. 

What is Star Wars Day?

Star Wars Day occurs every May 4th, when fans worldwide come together to celebrate their love for the franchise. The day is all about enjoying everything Star Wars-related, dressing up as favourite characters, and sharing the excitement with fellow fans.

The date holds a special significance due to a pun based on one of the franchise's most famous phrases: "May the Force be with you." On Star Wars Day, fans playfully twist the phrase to "May the Fourth be with you," making it a perfect fit for the celebration. 

How fans celebrate Star Wars day

This might come as a surprise, but we're big fans of Star Wars, too! So, we've been chatting with other fans to hear about their creative plans for this year's celebration and the fun ways they've celebrated in the past.

Whether you're hosting a movie marathon, having a themed party, or attending an event, there are many ways to join in the fun on Star Wars Day. We're here to share tips and ideas to make your celebration even more special.

First, let’s see what the fans had to say about their Star Wars Day celebrations: 

Devoted Star Wars fan, Jim Bennett, is gearing up to celebrate May 4th with a movie marathon featuring all his favourite films from the saga. He's also planned a costume contest among his friends, encouraging everyone to dress as their favourite Star Wars character. Jim is preparing a special menu of themed snacks, including Leia's Bun Burgers, Yoda Soda and Wookie Cookies.

Jim Bennett - Star Wars Fan - Padawan Outpost
Jim Bennett - Star Wars Fan - Padawan Outpost
Jim Bennett - Star Wars Fan - Padawan Outpost

Rob Peck, a lifelong Star Wars enthusiast, has big plans for May 4th, starting with transforming his living room into a galactic viewing area for a back-to-back screening of the entire Star Wars series. He's invited his friends and family to join him virtually for a Star Wars trivia night, complete with prizes for the winners. Additionally, Rob is crafting his own replica lightsaber to show off during the celebrations, adding a personal touch to the day's festivities.

Rob Peck - Star Wars Fan - Padawan OutpostRob Peck - Star Wars Fan - Padawan Outpost

John Nursall, a Star Wars enthusiast, plans to transform his man cave into a cinematic experience, with movies playing alongside his collection of costumes and sabers. His dedication extends to a Star Wars tattoo, ensuring his allegiance to the Force is permanently inked.

John Nursall - Star Wars Fan - Padawan OutpostJohn Nursall - Star Wars Fan - Padawan OutpostJohn Nursall - Star Wars Fan - Padawan OutpostJohn Nursall - Star Wars Fan - Padawan Outpost

An actor and fight director, Jack Penguin, is set to perform choreography in Ely, featuring lightsaber spinning and comedy. Accompanied by his professional clown friend, Jack promises an evening of entertainment. 

Jack Penguin - Star Wars Fan - Padawan OutpostJack Penguin - Star Wars Fan - Padawan Outpost

Meanwhile, Bill Strupczewski and his family are celebrating not only May 4th but revenge of the 5th. Their movie marathon will include themed snacks like Wookie cookies and blue milk. This year, they will also visit Hayden Christensen at a Fan Expo.

Bill Strupczewski - Star Wars Fan - Padawan Outpost

Matthew Swindell, a devoted Star Wars fan, flew to New York in 1999 just to see "The Phantom Menace" on its release day. Unable to wait for the UK premiere, he immersed himself in the excitement of American cinemas for a week of unforgettable experiences. Despite losing a few ticket stubs over the years (one swapped for a ticket to "The Matrix" in an act of kindness), that week's memories remain some of the best in his life.

Matthew Swindell - Star Wars Fan - Padawan Outpost

Star Wars Day celebration ideas 

Now that we’ve heard what fans are doing, we’ve created a guide to the best ways to celebrate Star Wars Day. Our new May 4th celebration guide includes ideas from hosting a themed party, dressing up in cosplay, Star Wars recipes, and taking part in some lightsaber training. It could also be the perfect time to treat yourself to some new Star Wars merchandise - if you’ve been eyeing up a quality lightsaber, now is the time to start on your collection! 

It's thrilling to witness the enthusiasm and dedication of Star Wars fans as they come together to celebrate this special occasion each year! At Padawan, we're passionate about the enduring appeal of movie and TV sagas like Star Wars. These celebrations are not just about fanfare; they're crucial for creating community, preserving cultural significance, and inspiring future generations.

It's incredible to see how these fans keep the spirit of the saga alive, and we're honoured to share our insights on why these celebrations are vital for keeping the galaxy far, far away thriving! 

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