We know that every Star Wars fan loves to think they are the biggest fan in the world - well... We thought we would create a little test just to see if you really do know Star Wars.


We had our new intern watch all of the Star Wars films and describe them back to us - the only issue is, they are horrendous at describing films! We picked 10 of them below.


Are you able to guess what films they are talking about from the awful descriptions?


Give it a go, let us know how you did and share with a friend to see if they are a fake poser or a true Star Wars Lover!

And there you have it! Whether you aced it like a seasoned Jedi Master or stumbled through it like a clumsy Gungan, we hope you had a blast deciphering our hilariously terrible descriptions of the galaxy's most epic movies.

Now, spread the fun across the galaxy! Share this challenge with your friends, family, and anyone else who loves a good Star Wars brain teaser.

May the Force be with you, always


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