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What Are The Coolest Lightsabers To Collect?

Welcome to the definitive compendium for aficionados and zealots alike, embarking on the noble quest for the most legendary and distinctive lightsabers the Star Wars universe has ever seen. This isn't just about owning a piece of memorabilia; it's about holding a fragment of the galaxy's heart, a beacon of the eternal struggle between the light side and the dark side. From the iconic sabers of heroes and villains to the bespoke replicas that adorn our earthly collections, let's slice our way through the cosmos to uncover these gems.

The Legends of the Galaxy: Iconic Lightsabers

Every lightsaber is a tale spun from the very fabric of the Force, but some shine a bit brighter in the pantheon of galactic lore. Take, for instance, Luke Skywalker's lightsaber—a blade that saw the downfall of the Empire and ignited the spark of hope across the stars. Then, there's Darth Vader's menacing red saber, a symbol of power and fear, as unmistakable as the breathing that accompanies its wielder.

Rarity and Exclusivity: The Holy Grails

For the discerning collector, the allure of rarity beckons like a siren's song. Certain lightsabers are the stuff of legend, produced in limited runs or under special circumstances. These pieces are not merely collectibles but treasures, each with a history that could fill holocrons. Securing one of these rarities is a badge of honor, a sign that you've truly mastered the collector's path. We have a few of these gems on our site - they rarely last long...

Preserving the Legacy: Tips for the Avid Collector

Owning a piece of the Star Wars universe is a responsibility akin to guarding a sacred relic. Authenticity is key—always verify the provenance of rare and valuable lightsabers. Preservation is equally vital; display your sabers away from direct sunlight and in conditions that do not jeopardise their integrity. Remember, these are not just collectibles; they are artefacts of a larger narrative, imbued with the spirit of their legendary wielders.

So... if we were to have a collection of lightsabers - what would we make sure is there at a minimum. We thought we would set ourselves a challenge and create our perfect 5 saber collection to inspire you:


 1) A quality duel & spinning lightsaber: 

First off we would make sure we have a basic saber that we can use for duelling and that we can practice tricks with - everyone wants to be a Jedi Master, but first you need to practice. We'd recommend a Base Lit lightsaber - they are cheaper then the Neopixel counterparts and the majority of the weight is in the hilt making the balance better for you to perform tricks. You want to make sure the hilt is smooth with not a lot of items on it. This will make handling the weapon easier and allow you to pull off some seriously cool tricks. Our best sellers are the Model Hunter and the Model Beta due to the price and various colours you can get. Our personal favourite is the Luke V1 Spin

2) An original character saber: 

Star Wars would not be where it was today without those original movies. They were like nothing ever seen before and inspired a generation of film making that is still strong today. There is only one way to celebrate this heritage and that's by having a saber inspired by the weapons used on set. For us - there is one clear winner. That's why for this section we are going with the GFX V1

3) A saber from the games: 

All the Star Wars games give us an opportunity to live out the adventures we used to dream about living when watching them on a big screen. What better way to scratch that itch then to have the very lightsaber from the game? Well we can't pull it from the screen but with our Starkiller inspired lightsaber there won't be much to complain about. That's why our pick will be the weathered Starkiller lightsaber - this ain't a brand new sparkly toy - it's a tried and tested weapon that has gotten us to this very instant

4) A double bladed lightsaber: 

So far we have only picked single bladed, and personally, we're going to need something a little more if we can only have 5. Ever since Darth Maul showed us the way of the duel wield we don't think anyone can argue it's just not objectively cooler. While we could go for the Darth Maul saber here and we don't think there would be any complaints - final choice is the Model Inquisitor.... because come on! Look at that design! We'd also accept Satele Shan's, Dark Reys or any other double bladed. As we said... They are just objectively cooler.

5) A collectors Edition: 

Last, but no means least, we need a collectors edition. Because obviously! This is one that we proudly display on the wall for all to see - your own piece of Star Wars history for anyone who comes in to your home to see. There is so many good options here to pick, you really can't go wrong. Each one of these replica lightsabers are made with meticulous detail and care. The authenticity is off the scale. So... which one would we pick -the Oggdo Killer [side note everyone here still has nightmares about trying to finally beat Spawn of Oggdo] as mentioned before, the games have a special place in our heart, plus it is one of the most beautiful sabers we have laid our hands on


Even if you don't agree with our exact selection, this split of Sabers is great to start and build on. You want to make sure you have sabers you can use, some that bring your favourite character to life and others that awaken that child from within you. 

At the end of the day - the coolest lightsaber collection you can create is the lightsabers that mean something to YOU. Don't get sucked in to what anyone else says, buy YOUR favourite characters, buy a design that speaks to YOU... just make sure you use us ok? :)  

Collecting lightsabers is a voyage into the heart of the Star Wars saga, an opportunity to own a piece of its soul. It's a passion that unites us, a quest that challenges us, and a love that inspires us. So, whether you're after the iconic, the rare, or the collectors edition remember that each lightsaber you add to your collection is a testament to the enduring power of the stories that bind us to a galaxy far, far away.