Sabine Wren Lightsaber

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Sabine Wren Lightsaber

Brief History of Sabine Wren Lightsaber

Sabine Wren's lightsaber, originally constructed by Jedi Padawan Ezra Bridger, holds a unique place in the Star Wars universe. After Ezra's original lightsaber met its demise at the hands of Darth Vader on Malachor, he fashioned a new one with a green kyber crystal. This lightsaber transitioned from Ezra to Sabine during their adventures as rebels against the Empire. The hilt features a black grip and silver accents, a departure from Ezra's first lightsaber, and it follows a more traditional lightsaber design.

First Time you can see Sabine Wren Lightsaber

Sabine's first prominent use of this lightsaber was during a mission to Krownest, where she engaged in combat against Governor Gar Saxon, who wielded the Darksaber. It became a symbol of her commitment to the Rebel cause.

Interesting Fact about Sabine Wren Lightsaber

As Sabine took ownership of the lightsaber, she made her own modifications while respecting its origins. She wielded it in numerous battles, including one to ignite a large kyber crystal, and during the Liberation of Lothal, when she used it to escape the Imperial Complex. Despite its origins, Sabine's enhancements made her the owner in her own right.

In the end, when Ezra Bridger returned, he encouraged Sabine to keep the lightsaber, considering it rightfully hers. This lightsaber is a testament to the evolving ownership and significance in the Star Wars saga.


What is Sabine Wren's lightsaber?

Sabine Wren's lightsaber was originally constructed by Jedi Padawan Ezra Bridger. It features a green kyber crystal and a unique hilt design.

Can I use Sabine Wren's lightsaber for display purposes?

Absolutely, this lightsaber is a great addition for display, showcasing its unique design and historical significance.

What is the hilt design of Sabine Wren's lightsaber?

The hilt of this lightsaber features a black grip with silver accents, adhering to a more traditional lightsaber design.

When did Sabine Wren start using this lightsaber?

Sabine began using this lightsaber during her missions with the Rebel Alliance after Ezra Bridger entrusted it to her.

Can I duel with the replica Sabine Wren lightsaber?

Yes! These lightsabers are combat ready allowing you to take part and reenact your favourite scenes.

Can I use this lightsaber for my cosplay?

Yes! Even if you are not going as Sabine Wren this is a beautifully designed lightsaber and will partner greatly with any costume

How should I care for and maintain Sabine Wren's Lightsaber?

We include a guide that have care instructions with your purchase to help you maintain your Lightsaber!

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