What is the Most Respected Lightsaber Colour?

In a galaxy far, far away, the iconic weapon known as the lightsaber has captured the imagination of fans for decades. These elegant and deadly blades have become a symbol of the noble Jedi and sinister Sith. With the advent of Disney’s takeover of the Star Wars franchise, the canon has expanded, reintroducing some fan-favourite elements. Among these elements are a diverse array of lightsaber colours, each carrying its own significance and appeal. Join us as we journey through the galaxy of lightsaber colours and explore the question: What is the most respected lightsaber colour?

The Rainbow Colours

From the silver screen to the pages of comics, lightsabers have been depicted in a multitude of colours. Each colour crystal carries a unique meaning and is often tied to the wielder’s personality, beliefs, or experiences. The range of colours is vast, spanning from the traditional blue and green to the more unconventional hues like indigo, magenta, orange, yellow, white, purple, red, and even the enigmatic black. 

Ranking the Respected Colours

While it’s challenging to definitively label one lightsaber colour as the most respected, we can explore some of the factors that contribute to the popularity and significance of certain colours within the Star Wars canon.


Introduced back into the canon with ‘Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order,’ the indigo lightsaber offers a subtle variation that appeals to fans who appreciate a touch of distinction. Though not as immediately recognisable as some other colours, its uniqueness adds to its charm.


A rarity in the Star Wars universe, magenta brings a fresh burst of colour to the lightsaber spectrum. Although not widely seen beyond ‘ Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order,’ its novelty and distinctiveness earn it a place on our list. 


The resurgence of orange lightsabers in the Ahsoka series harks back to Legends, where they were wielded by renowned Jedi Masters. The darker shade of orange adds an element of intrigue, distinguishing it from its Legends counterpart. 


With its association with Jedi Temple Guards and characters undergoing significant identity shifts, the yellow lightsaber has garnered recognition. Rey’s reveal of her yellow lightsaber in ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ marked a powerful moment, potentially setting the stage for its future prominence. 


As one of the earliest lightsaber colours, green holds a special place in the hearts of Star Wars fans. From Yoda’s wise teachings to Luke Skywalker’s heroic journey, the green lightsaber embodies the spirit of the Jedi. 


The classic blue lightsaber symbolising hope and heroism, has been wielded by some of the greatest Jedi in history. Its widespread use and timeless elegance make it a beloved choice among fans. 


Ahsoka Tano’s transition from blue to white lightsabers after leaving the Jedi Order highlights a transformative journey. The unique process of obtaining white crystals adds depth and intrigue to this distinctive colour. 


Samuel L. Jackson’s request for a purple lightsaber for Mace Windu in the prequels introduced an unexpected and captivating colour to the Star Wars universe. Its rarity and association with a memorable character contribute to its allure.


The red lightsaber, synonymous with the Sith and the dark side of the Force, exudes an aura of menace and power. Its history and association with iconic villains make it an iconic and feared choice. 


The enigmatic and rare black lightsaber, known as the Darksaber, takes the top spot on our list. With its rich history, ties to Mandalore’s leadership, and unique appearance, the Darksaber captures the imagination and respect of Star Wars enthusiasts.


In the colourful tapestry of lightsabers within the Star Wars universe, each hue carries its own significance and captivates fans in its own right. While the question of the most respected lightsaber colour remains subjective, the diversity and symbolism behind each colour contribute to the depth and allure of the franchise. As new stories continue to unfold in the galaxy far, far away, fans can look forward to the exploration of even more lightsaber colours and the captivating tales they bring to life. So, which lightsaber colour resonates with you the most? The choice is yours, and may the Force be with you.