Grand Inquisitor Lightsaber

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Dive into the depths of darkness with the enigmatic Grand Inquisitor, a relentless hunter of Jedi in the Star Wars universe. With his sinister Combat Saber, he unleashes swift and precise strikes to eradicate any remaining Jedi. Embrace the thrill of the dark side as you wield the Grand Inquisitor's Dual Bladed Lightsaber, becoming a formidable force to be reckoned with and embracing your destiny as a true agent of darkness.

Grand Inquisitor Lightsaber

Brief History of Grand Inquisitor's Lightsaber

The Grand Inquisitor, a formidable agent of the dark side and the leader of the Jedi-hunting Inquisitorius, wielded a menacing lightsaber that embodied his ruthlessness and unwavering loyalty to the Sith. Crafted with malice and precision, the Grand Inquisitor Lightsaber became a tool of fear and intimidation, used to extinguish the remaining remnants of the Jedi Order and maintain the dominance of the dark side.

What colour is Grand Inquisitor's Lightsaber?

The Grand Inquisitor's lightsaber emitted a fearsome and ominous red blade. The crimson hue represented his allegiance to the Sith and his embodiment of the dark side of the Force. The red lightsaber served as a chilling reminder of the Grand Inquisitor's relentless pursuit of Jedi and his willingness to eliminate any who stood in the way of the Sith's dominion.

First time you can see Grand Inquisitor's Lightsaber

The first appearance of the Grand Inquisitor's lightsaber can be witnessed in the animated series "Star Wars Rebels." As the Grand Inquisitor engages in duels with the Ghost crew and the remaining Jedi, his Inquisitor Saber ignites with its menacing red blade, setting the stage for intense confrontations and showcasing his formidable skills as a Sith agent.

Interesting fact about Grand Inquisitor's Lightsaber

One intriguing fact about the Grand Inquisitor's lightsaber is its unique spinning double-bladed design. The hilt of the Darkside Saber featured a central grip with spinning rings that allowed the Grand Inquisitor to rotate the blades rapidly, creating a deadly whirlwind of strikes. This unorthodox feature made his lightsaber a formidable weapon, capable of overwhelming opponents and showcasing his agility and mastery of lightsaber combat.


What are the features of the Grand Inquisitor Lightsaber?

This lightsaber can be used as either a single or double bladed lightsaber. The hilt can also be adjusted to suit the users preference

Can I use this lightsaber for cosplay?

Yes, this Grand Inquisitor lightsaber is perfect for any costume!

Is there 2 buttons to control the individual blades on the lightsaber?

No, there is just one button that is used to set the fonts and blade styles for both blades on the lightsaber.

Can I use different blades with this lightsaber?

Of course, we have a full range of different blades that you can use for the Grand Inquisitor lightsaber to customise it to your wishes

Can I duel with this lightsaber?

Yes, you can! Although due to it being double bladed and having a moveable hilt we would advise not using this lightsaber for heavy duelling.

What comes in the box with my Grand Inquisitor Lightsaber?

The lightsaber box includes the hilt, 2 blades as well as a charging cable, stand, screws and hex key

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