Baylan Skoll Lightsaber

Shop our collection of Baylan Skoll Lightsabers at Padawan Outpost. Wield this dark weapon pulled directly from the Ahsoka series. These combat weapons are perfect for any collector whether they are looking to re enact their favourite duels or proudly mount this collectors treasure on their wall.

Who is Baylan Skoll

A former Jedi Knight and General in the Grand Army of the Republic - Baylan Skolls story sees him surviving the fatal Order 66 and his story heading down a darker path. Once a keen believer of the Jedi, after the destruction of the Jedi way of life, he lost his previous faith. In the New Republic Era, alongside with his apprentice Shin Hati, they aligned themselves with Morgan Elsbeth and sought to bring back Grand Admiral Thawn. During this mission we see him cross paths with Ahsoka Tano and Sabine Wren. Skoll and Tano engaged in lightsaber duel on the planet Seatos, resulting in Tano's defeat and Wren's capture.

Baylan Skoll's Character

Not being viewed as a direct Sith - Skoll is seen more as a Dark Jedi. While it is clear that he is willing to wipe out any person in his way - whether they are a Jedi or not. There are still some hints that he has a a degree of sentimentality for the Jedi and even expressed disdain in taking Ahsoka Tano's life as he viewed it as a waste. It has shown though that he has a deep hatred for his former colleague Anakin Skywalker for the role that he played in the downfall of the Jedi Order. Even his choice of choosing to bring back Grand Admiral Thawn can be seen as a necessary evil in his eyes, in order to bring about a better future for the galaxy.

Fun fact about Baylan Skolls Lightsaber

While filming the Ahsoka series - not only did the actor Ray Stevenson play a huge role in bringing the character to life on screen - giving the character of Baylan Skoll a formidable prescence and steal every scene he is in. But Ray also played a huge part in the creative design of the hilt that Baylan uses. Its revealed that Stevenson wanted to do something very special for the lightsaber that now appears on Ahsoka. After Doug Chiang initially designed the lightsaber with his team, Stevenson reached out and asked if they could change the pommel - adding a touch of the Baylan Skoll character directly from the actor himself. This unique design matched with the orange-red blade gives the character a complexity that has been a breathe of fresh air.


Who is Baylan Skoll in the Star Wars universe?

Baylan Skoll is a Force-sensitive human male who was a former Jedi Knight and General during the Clone Wars.

What role did Baylan Skoll play in the New Republic Era?

In the New Republic Era, Skoll allied with Morgan Elsbeth and sought to bring back Grand Admiral Thrawn, a key figure in the Galactic Empire.

What were Baylan Skoll's personality traits?

Skoll exhibited a calm and calculated demeanor but was willing to resort to violence when necessary.

Who portrayed Baylan Skoll in the Star Wars series?

Baylan Skoll was portrayed by actor Ray Stevenson in the Star Wars series. Unfortunately Ray Stevenson passed away in May 2023 but his character will live on through the Ahsoka Series

Can I duel with Baylan Skolls Lightsaber?

Yes, these lightsabers are made to be battle ready out of the box - allowing you to re-enact your favourite scenes

Can I use different blades with this lightsaber?

Yes, we stock a variety of different blade styles and sizes that you are able to use with this Baylan Skoll lightsaber to customise it to your liking.

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