Without the proper instructions, you might not fully harness the potential of your lightsaber. Understanding how to use its features ensures that you extract the maximum benefits from your lightsaber. Don't miss out on the incredible capabilities it offers by overlooking the detailed instructions specific to your lightsaber's core type.

All of the lightsabers that we sell at Padawan Outpost are equipped with an impressive array of advanced features, including smooth-swing, flash-on-clash, multiple blade colours, blaster deflection, and more. What makes these lightsabers even them even more remarkable is that all these functions can be effortlessly controlled using a single button allowing you fully immerse yourself in the battle.

Depending on the soundboard you have on the lightsaber, the instructions and methods used to navigate through the lightsabers features will change. Depending on which one you have chosen, whether it is Baselit Lightsaber, Xenopixel Lightsaber or Proffie Lightsaber we have the manual for you to make sure that your lightsaber can be used as soon as its in your hands.

Baselit Manual

Xenopixel Manual

Proffie Manual

2 button Proffie Manual
To view the fonts that we have to add to your lightsaber purchase check out our fonts here:
Kyberphonic Fonts
KSith Fonts
We install the fonts with the purchase so there is no need to install yourself!