What Lightsaber Colour Am I? Ultimate Guide to Discovering Your Path

What Lightsaber Colour Am I? Ultimate Guide to Discovering Your Path

What Lightsaber Colour am I?

In the vast and captivating Stars Wars universe, lightsabers are more than just weapons; they are an extension of a Jedi’s or Sith’s identity. The colour of a lightsaber holds significant meaning, reflecting the wielder’s personality, beliefs, and connection to the Force. Choosing the right lightsaber colour is akin to selecting a symbol that resonates with your inner self. Let’s delve into the various lightsaber colours and their significance to help you discover which one aligns with your essence.

Blue Lightsaber

The iconic blue lightsaber is indelibly linked to the Jedi Order, representing their core principles of peace, knowledge, and service to others. Remember how Luke Skywalker wielded his father’s blue lightsaber in ‘A New Hope’? If you find yourself drawn to this colour, it may signify your commitment to the Jedi cause, valuing harmony and order in the galaxy. 

Red Lightsaber

In stark contrast, the menacing red lightsaber is synonymous with the Sith, the archenemies of the Jedi. Sith wielders embrace ruthlessness, the pursuit of power, and self-fulfilment above all else. If you feel a connection to the red lightsaber, it may suggest a rebellious streak or a fascination with the allure of the dark side.

Green Lightsaber

Green lightsabers, less common among the Jedi, symbolise harmony, diplomacy, and a preference for resolving conflicts without resorting to violence. Users of green lightsabers are often wise and experienced, capable of defending themselves when necessary. Yoda, the wise Jedi Master, is one of the most famous wielders of the green lightsaber. 

Orange Lightsaber

The orange lightsaber is a relatively recent addition to the Star Wars canon, first introduced with Jedi Padawan Cal Kestis in ‘Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.’ As the colour is associated with a Jedi Padawan, it may suggest a journey of growth and learning, embracing the teachings of the Jedi Order while still discovering one’s true path. 

Yellow Lightsaber

In the Expanded Universe, yellow lightsabers were favoured by Jedi Sentinels, blending combat skills with diplomatic tactics. In the current canon, Rey’s new lightsaber at the end of ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ also appears to have a yellow blade. A yellow lightsaber might signify an individual who seeks balance between combat proficiency and spiritual understanding. 

Purple Lightsaber

The striking purple lightsaber holds special significance, as it was created by Jedi Master Mace Windu. This unique colour pays tribute to a formidable warrior who earned respect among the Jedi Council. If you feel drawn to the purple lightsaber, it may signify your desire to embody strength, wisdom, and leadership.

White Lightsaber

Ahsoka Tano’s journey for Jedi Padawan to become an independent warrior led her to create a pair of white lightsabers. This colour represents those who identify with the light side of the Force but choose a path independent of any organised order. If you connect with the white lightsaber, it may indicate your desire to forge your destiny while remaining true to Jedi ideals. 

Black Lightsaber (Darksaber)

The infamous black lightsaber, known as the Darksaber, is a unique and powerful weapon that holds a deep Mandalorian heritage. Traditionally a symbol of House Vizsla, the Darksaber passed through the hands of various owners, from Moff Gideon to Darth Maul. If you resonate with the black lightsaber, it might suggest a fascination with Mandalorian culture, independence, and the strength to challenge existing norms. 

In conclusion, choosing the right lightsaber colour is a personal and meaningful decision. It reflects not only your affinity for a particular cause or tradition but also your innermost beliefs and values. Whether you see yourself as a noble Jedi upholding peace or a fierce Sith seeking power, the lightsaber colour you choose is a testament to your unique journey in the Star Wars galaxy. So. may the Force guide you as you embark on your quest to find the perfect lightsaber colour that resonates with your soul. 

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