Combat Lightsabers

Get your own Star Wars Lightsaber here at Padawan Outpost. With our duelling lightsabers you can step into the world of Star Wars and act out your favourite scenes creating your own destiny! Embrace the way of the Jedi or the Sith, its up to you... 

What is a Combat Lightsaber?

A Combat Lightsaber is a specially designed lightsaber crafted for the art of lightsaber combat. These sabers are not just iconic collectibles; they are functional weapons built for intense duelling and sparring. Featuring robust construction, reinforced hilts, and durable blades, Combat Lightsabers are the perfect choice for those who wish to engage in thrilling lightsaber battles while maintaining the authenticity of the Star Wars experience.

Why should you get a Combat Lightsaber?

Owning a Combat Lightsaber offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of lightsaber combat. Whether you're a dedicated practitioner of lightsaber martial arts or simply enjoy friendly dueling with friends, a Combat Lightsaber provides the realism and durability necessary for an exhilarating experience. Its solid construction and accurate design make it a prized possession for any Star Wars enthusiast.

Can I still duel with a Combat Lightsaber?

Absolutely! Combat Lightsabers are explicitly designed for dueling and sparring. These sabers can withstand intense combat scenarios, ensuring that your duels are as thrilling as they are safe. With reinforced hilts and sturdy blades, you can engage in lightsaber battles with confidence, knowing that your Combat Lightsaber is up to the task, whether you're practicing your technique or engaging in epic showdowns.

What types of Combat Lightsabers does Padawan Outpost sell?

Padawan Outpost takes pride in offering a diverse range of Combat Lightsabers to cater to various preferences and skill levels. Our collection includes lightsabers inspired by various characters, each tailored for lightsaber combat. We offer a selection of hilt designs, blade lengths, and combat-ready features, ensuring that you can find the perfect Combat Lightsaber to match your style and skill level. Whether you are on the light side of the force or if you are the dark side of the force - there is the perfect weapon for you!

Why use Padawan Outpost for Combat Lightsabers?

Padawan Outpost is your trusted source for Combat Lightsabers for several compelling reasons. We prioritize quality and durability in our products, ensuring that each Combat Lightsaber is built to last. Our commitment to customer satisfaction means you can trust us to provide top-tier customer service, secure shipping, and a seamless shopping experience. When you choose Padawan Outpost for your Combat Lightsaber needs, you're choosing the best in the galaxy for your lightsaber combat adventures. Take a look at our whole collection!


What are combat lightsabers?

Combat lightsabers are lightsabers designed and built for dueling and combat purposes, allowing fans to engage in simulated lightsaber battles.

Are combat lightsabers real?

Combat lightsabers are real in the sense that they are physical replicas designed for safe dueling and cosplay, but they don't have real plasma blades like those in the Star Wars universe!!

Can I use combat lightsabers in martial arts?

Combat lightsabers are designed for safe dueling and are often used in organized combat saber leagues, but they are not suitable for actual martial arts training.

Can I use different blades for my combat lightsaber?

Yes, combat lightsabers come in various blade lengths, allowing you to choose the one that suits your dueling style.

Can I use my combat lightsaber for cosplay?

Yes, combat lightsabers are popular choices for cosplayers and costume enthusiasts looking to replicate lightsabers from the Star Wars universe.

Can these be used by collectors?

While primarily designed for dueling and play, some collectors may also enjoy adding combat lightsabers to their Star Wars memorabilia collections.

Can I use my combat lightsaber in low light environments?

Yes, many combat lightsabers are designed to be visible in low-light environments for enhanced visual effects during dueling. We would advise being careful and still making sure you are able to see your duelling partner clearly to avoid any injuries

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