Kyberphonic Fonts

Looking to upgrade your lightsaber with custom sounds and advanced lighting? We have partnered with our good friends over at Kyberphonic and can now upgrade any lightsaber bought with us. No longer do you have to go through the process of manually doing it yourself - we will handle everything on our side!

With a huge variety of Jedi and Sith fonts - or even something else not in the Star Wars universe - this is the best way to make your lightsaber come to life!

Please note - for us to install the fonts on the lightsaber you will have to purchase the font with the lightsaber in the same order. We are not able to send the font over to you for you to install yourself. We are able to put the font on up to 3 lightsabers at a time. 


Are you ready to take your lightsaber experience to the next level? Introducing the new partnership of Padawan Outpost and Kyberphonic Fonts, the ultimate font collection that brings a galaxy of exclusive sounds and blade styles to your lightsaber. With Kyberphonic Fonts your Padawan Outpost lightsaber really comes to life, every swing and clash becomes a unique symphony of power and elegance. Explore our remarkable collection and dive into a world where your lightsaber isn't just a weapon, but an extension of your identity.

The Power of Kyberphonic Fonts: Kyberphonic Fonts revolutionize the way lightsabers sound and look. With an extensive range of meticulously crafted fonts, you can now choose from an array of iconic lightsaber sounds inspired by the Star Wars universe. From the authoritative hum of a Jedi Knight to the menacing growl of a Sith Lord, Kyberphonic Fonts offers an unparalleled auditory experience.

Exclusive Blade Styles: But it doesn't stop there. Kyberphonic Fonts also lets you personalize your lightsaber's visual appearance with a variety of exclusive blade styles. The choice is yours, and the possibilities are limitless.

Why Choose Kyberphonic Fonts:
  1. Authenticity: Immerse yourself in the rich Star Wars ambiance or branch out into a different universe with fonts and styles that breathe fresh air into your lightsaber.
  2. Customization: Tailor your lightsaber's sound and appearance to match your unique style and personality.
  3. Quality Craftsmanship: Each font and blade style is meticulously designed to provide an authentic and immersive lightsaber experience.
  4. Easy Integration: We will install all the fonts onto your lightsaber meaning you have to do no work at all!
How to Get Started:

Getting started with Kyberphonic Fonts is simple:

  1. Browse the Collection: Explore our collection of lightsabers at Padawan Outpost and find your next perfect lightsaber. Whether you are looking for a replica lightsaber or a custom lightsaber
  2. Choose Your Favorites: Select the fonts and styles that resonate with you the most. Mix and match to create a lightsaber like no other.
  3. We Install everything on our side: We will handle all steps of the installation - including building a custom blade style that is pefect for your font.
  4. Unleash the Force: Once installed, ignite your lightsaber and experience the power of your lightsaber as you've never felt before.


Elevate your lightsaber journey with the dual power of Padawan Outpost and Kyberphonic Fonts and embark on a path of customization, authenticity, and sheer power. Your lightsaber isn't just a weapon—it's a work of art, an extension of your personality, and a gateway to a galaxy of sounds and styles.


Are you able to send the fonts over by email?

Unfortunately we are unable to send the fonts over to you - to get the font added to any saber make sure they are in the same order together and we will handle the rest!

What will the installation of the font include?

The installation on our side will mean that the font is preloaded onto the lightsaber as soon as you receive it. We will also add a custom blade style to perfectly match the font you have added.

What is the best Kyberphonic Font?

It is down to you! Personally we have a soft spot for the Mario Kart Racer - it is a partnership we never knew we wanted but works so well!

Am I able to customize my Kyberphonic font when I have the lightsaber?

If you feel confident in further customizing your lightsaber when it is in hand then you are able to make further edits yourself!

How many Kyberphonic fonts can I add to my lightsaber?

You are able to add as many fonts on to your lightsaber that you want! Please make sure you are buying the font and the lightsaber at the exact same time to ensure this

How many lightsabers am I able to add my font on to?

We are able to add any font on up to 3 lightsabers. Please make sure you are buying the font and the lightsaber at the exact same time to ensure this

What if I want to install the KSith font on the lightsaber myself?

If you are looking to add the font to your lightsaber yourself then please head over to the KSith Saber Font store and purchase the font there

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May the Force be with you.
Bought a sabre for my son. Easy to order. Fast delivery. My son is delighted. Definitely do business again. Tempted to buy myself one.
Stephen Dawks
17 hours ago
The Best out there.
Excellent products, excellent delivery, excellent customer service. The best in the UK for the products they sell
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March 22, 2023
Great experience
Wonderful customer service and great products with an easy to use website. Would buy from them again.
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March 27, 2023
Great Service
Great Service. Great quality product, very fast delivery. I will definitely be using them again.
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March 27, 2023
Fantastic service and products
Excellent delivery time and care in the packaging, quality products above all.
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Kylo Ren proffie lightsaber
Great customer service and a very well made product!!
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The saber is as amazing as ever
The saber is as amazing as ever, I love it, can’t wait to buy my next one from you guys
Marc Thomas
March 21, 2023
Great products excellent low prices
great products excellent low prices, a brilliant addition to any Star Wars collection. Really fast delivery
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