Neo Sabers

Neopixel Lightsabers, commonly referred to as Neo Sabers, give the user an unparalleled experience of having their very own Lightsaber in their hand. With a huge variety of Neo Sabers ranging from your favourite characters lightsaber to custom lightsabers for your own personal taste - get your own Neo Saber now!

Neo Sabers

Introducing the Neopixel Lightsaber! Often known in the lightsaber community by the shorter name Neo Sabers - you are able to experience the ultimate lightsaber journey with amazing Neopixel LED technology. These Neo sabers allow you to fully customise your blade and have vibrant options to use as your utilise your neo saber to its maximum ability, bringing your Jedi dreams to life. With a Neopixel LED along the blade you are able to have different colours going throughout the blade as opposed to the cheaper counter-part of a base lit lightsaber, creating stunning visuals and immersive experiences. The Neo Saber lets you unleash your creativity and personalise your weapon like never before - whether you identify more as a Jedi or as a Sith. With your very own Neo Saber you can be transported into a galaxy far, far away!

Neo Saber vs Baselit Lightsaber ??

As stated above Neo Sabers use Neopixel LED technology to upgrade the lightsaber game and provide an experience that can't be seen with a base lit lightsaber. Neopixel LEDs are individually addressable RGB LEDs, allowing each LED throughout the blade to display an individual colour as well as have some custom effects such as Rainbow, Candy, flickering as well as many other effects for your Neo Saber.

Compared to base lit lightsabers, Neo Sabers just stand out above the rest. Not only do you have the customisation from the Neo Sabers, but as their are multiple LED lights working at once - you are able to produce a much brighter and more vibrant blade colour compared to base lit blades. Due to the only one light on a Base Lit Lightsaber - there just isn't much competition. Many collectors will get a Base Lit Lightsaber to start their lightsaber journey however once the lightsaber bug bites - they will always go to a Neo Saber afterwards!

When should I get a Neo Saber?

Many enthusiasts, prior to acquiring a Neo Saber, often begin their collection with a base lit lightsaber, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that! It presents a fantastic opportunity to obtain a high-quality lightsaber at a more affordable price. However, once they have succumbed to the allure of lightsabers, they typically upgrade to the Neo Saber. You can really see the difference! With the incorporation of LEDs spanning the entire blade, you will experience an entirely transformed lightsaber in your grasp.

Can I still duel with a Neo Saber?

Neo Sabers are designed to withstand dueling and offer an exhilarating experience for saber enthusiasts. These dueling sabers are crafted with durability as a top priority, incorporating robust materials and fortified hilts to endure the rigors of combat. The blades are usually constructed from resilient polycarbonate, capable of enduring demanding dueling sessions without any risk of fracturing or splintering.

Neo Sabers also offer advanced sound and motion sensors - putting you into any battle that your imagination allows you to. With realistic sounds a well as a responsive soundboard that directly recognises the movements that you do - you are fully immersed in the world of Star Wars and can live out your greatest fantasy.

Types of Neo Sabers that Padawan Outpost sell?

Explore the fascinating realm of Neo Sabers, where you can choose between two distinct types: Xenopixel and Proffie. These advanced lightsabers go beyond conventional illuminated options, delivering an extraordinary and immersive experience. All Neo Sabers come equipped with LED blades, ensuring a wide array of lightsaber variations to captivate your senses. However, the Proffie option takes customization to the next level, offering enhanced sound profiles and an exceptional soundboard that sets it apart.

Indulge in a diverse assortment of designs, including:

And much more awaits, inviting you to embark on your own unique lightsaber journey.

Step into the world of Star Wars

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If you're seeking an upgrade from a Base Lit Lightsaber but not quite ready for a Proffie Lightsaber, a Neo Saber is undoubtedly your best choice.

Don't wait any longer! Embark on an exhilarating journey to Padawan Outpost and delve into our remarkable selection today. Unleash your inner Jedi in the most extraordinary way imaginable!

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