Toy Lightsaber

Get your own Star Wars Lightsaber and add to your collection! These duelling lightsabers provide fun for all - whether you are looking to re-enact your favourite scene or add to your collection with your own realistic lightsaber. Take a look at everything Padawan Outpost has to offer!

What is a Toy Lightsaber?

A Toy Lightsaber is a fun and exciting way for fans of all ages to immerse themselves in the Star Wars galaxy. These lightsabers are designed to perfectly suit a child the same way they would please a collector. With close attention to detail found in every lightsaber this is the perfect way to show your love for the Star Wars universe.

Why should you get a Toy Lightsaber?

A Toy Lightsaber offers the perfect opportunity to introduce young Star Wars fans to the iconic weapon of Jedi and Sith. They encourage imaginative play, allowing children to embark on epic adventures as they reenact scenes from the movies or create their own Jedi stories. Toy Lightsabers are a gateway to the world of Star Wars fandom.

Can I still duel with a Toy Lightsaber?

Absolutely! Toy Lightsabers are designed for safe and entertaining dueling. While they may not be as robust as high-end replica lightsabers, they are built to withstand light to moderate play battles. Engaging in friendly lightsaber duels with Toy Lightsabers can be a delightful way to bond with friends or family while embracing the spirit of the Star Wars universe.

What types of Toy Lightsabers does Padawan Outpost sell?

Padawan Outpost offers a diverse selection of Toy Lightsabers to cater to different preferences and age groups. Our collection includes lightsabers inspired by various characters from the Star Wars saga. We have options that will delight Star Wars fans of all ages.

Why use Padawan Outpost for Toy Lightsabers?

Padawan Outpost is your trusted source for Toy Lightsabers for several compelling reasons. We prioritize safety and enjoyment in our products, ensuring that each Toy Lightsaber meets strict quality standards. Our commitment to customer satisfaction means you can trust us to provide top-tier customer service, secure shipping, and a hassle-free shopping experience. When you choose Padawan Outpost for Toy Lightsabers, you're choosing a doorway to the enchanting world of Star Wars adventures for fans of all ages. View our whole collection of lightsabers here


Are toy lightsabers the same as real lightsabers in the Star Wars universe?

No, toy lightsabers are designed to mimic the appearance and basic functions of lightsabers from the movies, but they do not have real plasma blades or cutting capabilities.

Are toy lightsabers suitable for children to play with?

Yes, toy lightsabers are designed for children and are typically made of safe, durable materials. They are suitable for play and imaginative adventures. Although we urge you make sure they are still using the lightsabers responsibly!

Do toy lightsabers make sound effects?

Yes, all of our lightsabers will make sound effects, transporting you into the world of Star Wars.

Can adults use toy lightsabers for cosplay or costume purposes?

Yes, toy lightsabers are popular choices for cosplayers and costume enthusiasts looking to replicate lightsabers from the Star Wars universe.

Can toy lightsabers be customised?

Yes, you are able to fully customise your lightsaber with parts found here on Padawan Outpost. For any help please reach out!

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Bought a sabre for my son. Easy to order. Fast delivery. My son is delighted. Definitely do business again. Tempted to buy myself one.
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Excellent products, excellent delivery, excellent customer service. The best in the UK for the products they sell
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Great Service. Great quality product, very fast delivery. I will definitely be using them again.
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Kylo Ren proffie lightsaber
Great customer service and a very well made product!!
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The saber is as amazing as ever, I love it, can’t wait to buy my next one from you guys
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great products excellent low prices, a brilliant addition to any Star Wars collection. Really fast delivery
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