ALWAYS use the included charging accessories, 5V1A maximum!


This product is not suitable for children under 10 years. Children under the age of 13 should be supervised by an adult to prevent injuries. Always act responsible, safe and respectful. 

The fight for t he fate of the galaxy awaited you. Will you fight for freedom or domination? 

Light side or Dark side, you decide. 


One year from date of purchase 

Covers defects in original materials and original workmanship. 


Activate Mute button - Fast double click while the saber is OFF 

Activate Blade - Short click while saber OFF 

Play/Stop Music - Hold 1 second and release while OFF

Turn the blade off - Hold and wait till blade is off while ON

Next Present - Hold 1 Second and release while OFF

Previous Present - Hold and wait while OFF 

Lockup - Hold and hit to clash while ON 

Drag - Hold and hit to clash while ON pointing the blade tip down 

Blaster Blocker - Short click while ON 

Force Effects - Twist the hilt, press and hold the button while ON ( while pointing blade up ) 

Enter colour change mode - Twist the hilt, press and hold button while ON ( pointing the blade down ) 

Confirm selected colour in colour change mode - Hold the button until confirmation sound 

Melt - Hold the button and stab while ON 

Lighting Block - Fast double click and hold the button while ON 

Enter Multi-Block Mode - Swing and hold the button for 1 second and release while ON ( now swing the saber the blaster blocks will trigger automatically ) 

Exist Multi- Block Mode - Short click while ON 


1. Strong enough for medium to heavy duelling, has flash impact effect for realistic saber duels.

2.  Ultra loud sound volume and bright LED lights

3. Removable blade: Use the provided tool to loosen the screws in the hilt ( Allen Key ) 

4. This saber has effectively infinite colours to choose from 

5. Remove-able battery ( if you remove the sabers main body )  

6. Smooth swing and clash sounds like a "real" saber

7. The sabers have battery reverse connection, charging and discharging protection

8. Time in use and charging approximately 8 hours