How long will my order take?

Here at Padawan outpost we try are upmost to send out our good between 3-5 working days, if your order is taking longer than expecting, please do not hesitate to contact us -

How can track my order?

You will received a tracking number that will be sent to your email address by DHL, this can be imputed here to track your order.

Who do I contact if my order hasn't arrived? 

Please contact us at and we will happily look into this for you.

What the difference between our Sabers? 

Our base lit hilts have a basic sound board. It has powerful LED’s that shine up a hollow blade like a torch.
Eco NEOPIXEL is the same as the base lit but with a Neopixel blade. Neopixel blades have LED’s all the way up the blade so it’s brighter and much better for effects. The light travels up the blade in ignition.
The Proffie hilts are a Neopixel hilt with a proffie sound board in. The Proffie sound board is an incredible sound board with very smooth and accurate swing motions, amazing blade styles and is fully customisable. 


My saber is faulty? 

If your order is faulty, we ask PLEASE DO NOT attempt to fix it yourself as we cannot accept tampered with goods, please email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

How to get a refund? 

 Please see our refund policies here 

Do you do any special offers?

We will run special offers throughout the year for example like Black Friday or May 4th. Join our emailing list to learn about our full offers and special deals