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Who Uses a Yellow Lightsaber?

In the Star Wars world, where lightsabers are a big deal and say a lot about a person's skills and identity, Rey Skywalker's yellow lightsaber in "The Rise of Skywalker" really sparked a lot of interest. Fans are curious about why she has it and what it means.


Rey Skywalker's Yellow Lightsaber

At the end of "The Rise of Skywalker," Rey reveals her own lightsaber, which is a bright yellow color. This was a surprise and got people interested in its origin and significance. Rey's lightsaber is unique, not just because of its color, but also because of its cool design, including a rotating part.


History of Yellow Lightsabers

Yellow lightsabers aren't completely new in Star Wars. Jedi Sentinels, a group a bit different from other Jedi, used to have them. But those stories are no longer part of the main storyline. Now, the Jedi Temple Guards are mainly known for using yellow lightsabers helping to protect the Jedi Temple.

Also, Asajj Ventress, a tough bounty hunter, once had a yellow lightsaber, which she got in a unique way. This makes us think about how different people can end up with such a special weapon.

Ahsoka Tano, who played a big role in the Clone Wars, is sometimes associated with a yellow lightsaber. There's some debate about the exact color, but her link to a yellow lightsaber adds more to its story.


What Rey's Yellow Lightsaber Means for the Future

Now that Rey has a yellow lightsaber, it seems like it will play a big part in her story as things continue. The color yellow, which sits between Jedi green and Sith red, seems significant. It kind of represents Rey's journey, as she balances between the light and dark sides of the Force. She's also rejecting her family history with Palpatine, which adds to the yellow lightsaber meaning.

In the vast and evolving Star Wars universe, the yellow lightsaber stands for hope, change, and individuality. Rey using this rare lightsaber adds a new layer to the story of lightsabers, exciting fans about what might come next in this expansive universe.