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Build Your Own Lightsaber

How to Make Your Own Lightsaber

Every Star Wars fan knows the lightsaber. It's not just a cool space weapon; it's a sign of who you are in the universe of Jedi and Sith. Have you ever wanted to swing a lightsaber that screams "you"? Well, now you can. Let's dive into how you can build a lightsaber that's all yours, with a little help from Padawan, the pros in making lightsaber dreams come true.



1: Lightsabers 101

Before you start, you gotta know what makes up a lightsaber. It's got a few key parts:

- Hilt: The Hilt is the handle and the core of the lightsaber. It's where all the important bits sit, and it's where you can get creative with the look. The hilt is made of loads of different components that will bring the design to life
- Blade: This is what makes the lightsaber a LIGHTsaber... the heart and soul of the weapon. In Star Wars, the lightsaber blade colour is directly related to the Kyber Crystal you have... but with the power of LED technology it can now be whatever colour you like!
- Power Source: Think of it as the lightsaber's battery. It powers up the blade - we don't need a Kyber Crystal, just a charging port to keep your blade powered up.

2: What Colour Lightsaber would you be?


As stated earlier - the lightsaber colour in Star Wars is reliant on what Kyber Crystal is housed within the combat lightsaber, luckily we aren't limited by having only one colour for our lightsaber.

We do however love seeing what peoples Kyber Crystal would be if they were in the Star Wars Universe.... it's about the personality of your saber. Here's a quick quiz to help you decide:

Kyber Crystal Quiz

- What do you value most?

(A) Justice (B) Peace (C) Power (D) Balance

- Pick a landscape:

(A) Vast ocean (B) Peaceful forest (C) Raging volcano (D) Stormy mountains

- In a fight, you'd:

(A) Stand and defend (B) Seek a peaceful end (C) Go on the attack (D) Utilise all the tools at your disposal 

- Choose a word:

(A) Guardian (B) Healer (C) Warrior (D) Maverick


Got your answers? OK here's what they mean...

Mostly A's: Blue crystal for you, defender of justice.

Mostly B's: Green's your color, oh peaceful one.

Mostly C's: Red for power, you fiery soul.

A mix or mostly D's: Purple is rare, for someone unique like you.

3: What Core?

The core you get for your lightsaber will decide the end effect of your ultimate weapon: 

Here's what we have to offer and what makes them special:


- Base Lit Core: 

The cheapest option you can go for - but will provide a bright light that will bring your blade to life from the hilt.


  • Best Value For Money
  • Great for duelling and spin tricks
  • Smooth Swing Technology


  • No Individual LEDs going throughout blade


- Xenopixel Core:

The next step up is a Xenopixel Core. This is the cheaper option you can get if you are choosing to get a Neopixel Blade. 


  • Cheaper Soundboard Option for Neopixel
  • Amazing Soundboard with Smooth Swing Technology
  • LED Lights going throughout the blade mean even more effects and options


  • There is a better soundboard on the market...


- Proffie Core

The best that money can buy! With the best soundboard on the market and a whole range of fonts available - you are able to step into the world of your favourite Star Wars character.


  • Best Soundboard on the market


  • Most expensive soundboard!


4: Design Your Hilt

Now, let's talk hilts. This is where your style shines. Padawan's got loads of choices:


- Blades: This will depend on the core that you get for your lightsaber - whether it is a Base Lit Blade or Neopixel Blade. You may even choose to want to have a double bladed lightsaber? How about a crossguard lightsaber to get the defensive advantages?

- Design: Pick a style that feels right for you personally. Fancy and sleek? Or tough and worn?

- Grips: Not only does this show off your style but it also dictates how the lightsaber will feel in your hand. Do you choose to get a smoother grip that makes tricks easier or do you want a grip that has more ridges and easier to grip in battle?

- Materials: What do you want your lightsaber made out of? This won't only affect the look of the weapon but how it feels in your hand.

- Extras: Get the grips and other bits just how you like for looks and a comfy hold. Maybe you want a different emitter or lightsaber pommel to make your lightsaber, YOUR lightsaber.

5: Assembling Your Lightsaber

We have a whole range of different lightsaber parts from hilts, blades and accessories on our site that are perfect for putting together. If they are in our VHC system then you can mix and match to bring your personal lightsaber to life!

If you need any help assembling your lightsaber please get in touch - one of our team would be happy to help with any technical issues you are having.


6: Live the Jedi or Sith Life

With your custom saber ready, you're set to start your own adventure. Remember, it's more than just building a cool saber. It's about making something that's a piece of you.

Whether you're all about peace like a Jedi or chasing power like a Sith, your saber is a sign of your choice.

Wrapping Up

Making your lightsaber is a big deal for any Star Wars fan. With Padawan's help, it's easy to make one that's perfectly "you." Pick your blade, design your hilt, and create your own ultimate weapon. Your lightsaber is your legacy—make it awesome.

May the Force be with you on your journey, wherever it leads!