Steps To Take Before You Buy A Lightsaber

Steps To Take Before You Buy A Lightsaber

So... you've been thinking about buying a lightsaber, but still not 100% on whether or not you should do so.

Well - here is a little guide we've created to help you with your journey you will take before you buy a lightsaber

1. Decide on the Type:

Lightsabers come in various types and price ranges. You can choose between toy lightsabers, which are more affordable and suitable for kids or casual fans, and high-quality, combat-ready lightsabers designed for cosplay and duelling. The latter category often features more durable materials and advanced technology but will end up costing you more for it.

You are also able to choose between different soundboards which will differ the experience massively.

A base lit lightsaber will provide a great entry option to those looking to get the lightsaber lifestyle at a fraction of the price - but will not provide the awesome features that you can get with a neopixel lightsaber. 

Research into exactly what sort of lightsaber you want to make sure you will be happy with the end product.

Model Beta Lightsaber


2. Decide which Lightsaber to get:

Are you a Jedi or a Sith? Do you want to own your favourite character's lightsaber or do you want to try out a unique design? Do you want a special design like a double bladed or a cross guard lightsaber

If you are not sure - its probably best to get a normal single bladed saber to start with and then branch out with your next order to scratch that itch that you are sure to get.

Obi Wan Kenobi Lightsaber

3. Budget:

You don't want to spend money - just to not get exactly what you were hoping for!  

Determine your budget before making a purchase. Lightsabers can range from affordable model to high-end models that can exceed several hundred pounds/dollars. Consider what features and quality level you desire within your budget.

4. Check Reviews:

If theres a lightsaber on the market - someone will have already have bought it. Don't make the mistake of thinking you will be the first one to trial a design.

Before finalising your purchase, read reviews and feedback from other customers who have bought the same lightsabers. This can help you gauge the overall satisfaction and quality of the product. Helping to put your mind at ease as your mouse hovers over that 'Proceed to checkout' button

5. Safety Considerations:

If you are buying a combat-ready lightsaber for duelling, ensure that you understand the safety precautions and guidelines for responsible use during lightsaber duels.

We know that they aren't real lightsabers - but they can still hurt if not used responsibly! 

6. Additional Accessories:

After all - it isn't just a lightsaber you are buying - its the lifestyle isn't it!?

Some lightsabers will come with specific additional accessories like belt clips, stands, or carrying cases to enhance your lightsaber ownership experience. Some will help you display the lightsaber better in your home, others will help you customise the look to better suit you and others will allow you to properly step into the shoes of your favourite character.

7. Reach out to some experts

If you are still stuck - there are tons of great people in the community who can help support your journey by answering any questions you may have, showing off their lightsaber collections and showing you everything great about the world that is lightsabers!

Of course we are always here to help as well - if there is anything you want to know please reach out to! 


Remember, while lightsabers can be excellent collectibles and fun accessories for fans, they are not meant to be used as real weapons. Always exercise caution and follow safety guidelines when handling or using a lightsaber, especially in a public setting or when engaging in duelling activities.

May the Force be with you as you embark on your lightsaber journey!

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