Is Cal Kestis A Grey Jedi

Is Cal Kestis A Grey Jedi

Cal Kestis, the former Jedi Padawan turned reluctant hero of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Jedi Survivor, has captured the hearts of Star Wars fans. But his unorthodox approach to the Force has sparked a debate: is Cal Kestis a Grey Jedi?

The Enigma of the Grey Jedi

The concept of a Grey Jedi is a fascinating one. It refers to a Force user who walks a path between the light and dark sides of the Force, wielding both for their own purposes. However, it's important to note that Grey Jedi aren't officially recognised in the current Star Wars canon. While Legends material explored characters like Qui Gon Jinn who dabbled in unorthodox Force techniques, the new canon emphasises the clear distinction between the light and dark sides.

Cal's Brush with the Darkness

Throughout his journey, Cal displays moments that could be interpreted as dipping his toes into the dark side. His use of Force crush, a brutal ability often associated with Sith, is a prime example. Additionally, his emotional outbursts, particularly his rage towards the Empire, could be seen as teetering on the edge.

Furthermore, Cal's connection with Force user Cere Junda and his budding romance with mechanic droid BD-1 defy the traditional Jedi Order's restrictions on attachments. These deviations from the Jedi Code raise questions about whether Cal is forging his own path, one that might be considered Grey.

But is He Truly a Grey Jedi?

Despite these instances, there's strong evidence that Cal ultimately remains committed to the light side. He consistently rejects the allure of the dark side, even when tempted by powerful Sith artefacts. His determination to help others and rebuild the Jedi Order, albeit in a way that acknowledges the flaws of the past, speaks volumes about his core values. Cal even admits his own missteps with the dark side, acknowledging it as a failure.

A Force User in the Grey Area?

Ultimately, Cal Kestis is a complex character whose relationship with the Force defies easy categorisation. He's a survivor, a Jedi who doesn't fit neatly into the traditional mould, and that's part of what makes him so compelling.

There's a strong case to be made for Cal being influenced by both the light and dark sides, but it's clear his heart lies with the light. Perhaps he represents a new kind of Jedi, one who acknowledges the limitations of the old Order and embraces a more nuanced approach to the Force.