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Collectors Edition Saber - 89 Graflex Crystal chassis

Collectors Edition Saber - 89 Graflex Crystal chassis

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The original lightsaber that started it all. This 89 sabers graflex can be configured to A New Hope, Empire strikes back and The force awakens. Installed by Chris at Sabersense, using his incredible Warrior chassis, featuring full crystal chamber with genuine quartz crystal, accent LED's, two button operation, and OLED screen. The chassis is 3d printed and the painted and weathered to give extra realism. This saber comes with a 1" blade. Collectors Edition magazine included. Not designed for duelling

Hilt: 89 Sabers Graflex
Chassis: Sabersense 3d printed warrior Chassis with quartz crystal and OLED screen
Installed By: Sabersense
Control Board: Proffieboard v.2.2.
Blade Fitting: 1 Inch Neopixel
Blade Programming: 132 pixels, Data Pad 1
Neopixel Connector: Shtok 7 Pin
Battery: KeepPower 18650 3.7 volts, 15 amp maximum discharge, protected PCB
Speaker: KR Sabers, 28mm, 3 watt, 4 ohm
LED Time Out Delay: 30 minutes
LED Wiring Layout: LED Pad 1, Proffieboard LED
LED Pad 2/3, data 2 Main Blade
LED pad 4, data 1 Internal accents 1 and 2, Crystal chamber
LED pad 5, Red LED
LED pad 6, Green LED

Hilt Length - 27.5cm
Default Blade Length - 36"
Other Blade Options - 32" and 28"
USB-C Charging
Includes charger, screws and hex key

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The lightsaber is an accessory that every Star Wars fan needs! This unique item brings a new level of reality to the lightsaber experience. It features motion-sensitive technology, allowing users to duel and spar with their friends as if they were in a galaxy far, far away. Its array of different colors adds a fun twist, making battle even more exciting. Check out the instructions for all the models we offer here at Padawan Outpost!