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Collectors Edition Saber - 89 Sabers Darth Maul Weathered

Collectors Edition Saber - 89 Sabers Darth Maul Weathered

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89 Sabers Darth Maul Weathered

Darth Mauls Lightsaber beautifully recreated by 89 sabers, the first dual bladed saber to be seen in the films, weathered to perfection by Multiverse props to really bring this saber to life.

This hilt has been installed by Ryan at BlackStar Sabers using a Goth-3D chassis,

Saber comes with Ltd Edition 'Saberist' Magazine designed by Chris Carter from Sabersence specifically made for this Saber

This saber does not come with a blade and is not designed for duelling

We can add a Nexus neopixel blade for an extra £50


  • Hilt: 89 Sabers Darth Maul
  • Chassis: Jimmys Saber Junk, 3D printed with Crystal Chamber
  • Installed By: BlackStar Sabers
  • Weathering: Josh Howe of Multiverse Props
  • Control Board: Proffieboard v.2.2.
  • Operating System: ProffieOS 5.9.
  • Switch Programming: SA-22C two-switch setup
  • Blade Fitting: 1 Inch Neopixel (Not Included)
  • Blade Programming: 132 pixels, Data Pad 1
  • Neopixel Connector: Shtok 7 Pin
  • Battery: KeepPower 18650 3.7 volts, 15 amp maximum discharge, protected PCB
  • Speaker: KR Sabers, 24mm, 2 watt, 4 ohm
  • LED Time Out Delay: 15 minutes
  • LED Wiring Layout: LED Pad 2/3, Data 1 - Main Blade, LED Pad 4, Data 3 - Accent LED Front, LED Pad 5, Data 4 - Accent LED Back, LED Pad 6, Data 2 - Accent LED Pommel

 Sound Fonts:

  • Feautres 27 Sound fonts, including fonts by Kyberphonic

All parts and components bought from The Saber Armory

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The Xenopixel lightsaber is an accessory that every Star Wars fan needs! This unique item brings a new level of reality to the lightsaber experience. It features motion-sensitive technology, allowing users to duel and spar with their friends as if they were in a galaxy far, far away. Its array of different colors adds a fun twist, making battle even more exciting.